I’m a self-taught contemporary British artist based out of London and Singapore. My style has developed from individual skeleton designs to collage and mixed media on canvas, fine art paper and clay sculpture. I’m inspired by the process of using different types of media creating something cool, quirky and exciting.  My inspiration comes from fashion and pop magazines, vintage photos, tattoos and street art. The initial idea sparks and the process begins searching for images, printing then skillfully cutting-out and building the piece until it begins to take shape with attention to detail and colour and not always knowing how it will end up, which is the exciting part!

Influences over the years – Alexander McQueen, Andy Warhol, Tim Walker the fashion photographer, Norman Collins aka Sailor Jerry the tattoo artist and other artists such as Dain, Eelus, Maria Rivans, Prefab 77 and a passion for 1920’s vintage photography.